Various Routes for Outdoor Treks in Machu Picchu

Couple hikers walking in mountains

One cannot just to find a single Best inca trail tour as there are numerous tracks to experience in this wonderful place in Peru. The Machu Picchu is commended by trekking enthusiasts by the challenging terrains yet Fulfilling and jaw dropping landscapes.

Lares Trek

If you want the easiest way then this track is the one for you as it is just near Machu Picchu. The short inca trail in the sacred valley will allow you to interact with the local communities in peru and get in touch with the culture. The views are still as wonderful with the hot springs, valleys, lagoons and rivers available. The route ends in Ollantaytambo where in you can take the train to the popular Inca ruins. Get more information about ausangate rainbow mountains.

4-Day Trek

This is the original shrek or the classical route to Macchu Picchu. The best time to hike inca trail to machu Would be during the low season as the permits are still available compared to the high season in which the permits are sold out months in advance. what made most trekkers love this route is that you get to enjoy the very beautiful sunrise view of the ruins of Inca after they enter the sun gate on the fourth day.

Choquequirao Trek

This is the longest way among the rest as it is done as much as five days because you will have to trek through the peruvian andes and it concludes to Choquequirao. This place is popular because of its huge mountain side which was newly discovered. You can even opt to go past Choquequirao and reach Macchu Picchu which will take as much as 10 days but you have to remember that it has a difficult terrain because it is one of the most isolated areas in Peru Therefore it is the choice for adventurous trekkers. For more information about the best inca trail tour, follow the link.

Salkantay Trek

This route is the best choice if you want to enjoy the things as much as you can or if you have photographic purposes. the magnificent peruvian highland and a mountain scenery are the best with this trek. You get to have close view of mountain peaks covered in glaciers Which is exceptionally breathtaking.

Ausangate Trek

This track is the highest among all types But this is totally isolated from the inca trail And it has a totally different difficulty level compared to the hike to Machu Picchu difficulty.However you will be amazed with the popular Ausangate Rainbow Mountains. To read more to our most important info about outdoor treks click the link


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